Christoph Klotz is a co-founder and Head of Finances of Protection International, a Brussels based International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGO) with 7 field offices and plus 50 employees in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Christoph´s fundraising experience includes grant management with the EU, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, major private foundations and trusts in Europe and the U.S.

He works since 18 years as a Fundraiser and Outreach for INGO. Christoph is also Partner of wild tulip GmbH, a media company in Berlin. He studied Visual Communication at Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg, Sociology at the Universities Heidelberg/ Hamburg, and Business Management at ICHEC Brussels. Alumni of Documentary Campus Masterschool.



Venue: Brussels, Belgium

Participants Max

Participants Min



The course is normally given in English, but may, depending on the majority of participants, be given in German, French or Spanish.

Fundraising Workshop 2 or 3 days (Brussels, Belgium)

Day 1

Get Started

Get to know each other (game) Participants expectations built it into the program.

What is Fundraising

Different approaches and fields. Fundraising mix. Define your strategy

Exercise 1 Research

Key elements of a Call for proposal. Estimate your chance to get the grant. Make a choice.

How to write a funding proposal

Technical and financial information. Narrative. Budget & Financing plan Time management and work approach to meet deadline of the call.



The narrative of a funding application

Objectives, expected results, products/output, outcome, verifiable indicators, sources of verification, impact, sustainability.

Exercise 2 Write a Concept Note

Discuss and write a concept note according to the narrative structure. Presentation of results. Wrap up lessons learnt.

End first day

Discuss and write a concept note according to the narrative structure. Presentation of results. Wrap up lessons learnt.

Day 2

Introduction to Project Cycle Management

Get to know PCM methodology to write a complex project narrative according to funders guidelines. Stakeholders analysis, strategy analysis, Logframe, activities, resources scheduling (budgeting).



Exercise 3 Log frame

Fill in the Log frame according to PCM methodology. Visualisation of group results. Wrap up lessons learnt.

Introduction Budget

Structure and main chapters of Budget & Funding Plan. Major items: Human Resources, Per Diems scheme, unforeseen, direct and indirect costs, administrative costs.

Exercise 4 Budget

How to calculate major costs, departing from the interests of the participants. Wrap up.


Participants feedback on the workshop.


(Provide literature and sources, respond to individual questions).

3 Days Workshop

2 hours more intensive work on Budgets & Financing Plan

2 hours Learn about Social Impact Strategy to build up a community for Fundraising purposes.

3 hours Learn about Outcome mapping and how to use it in Fundraising. Outcome Mapping is – compared to the Log frame approach – a more impact oriented project planning and monitoring methodology.

Follow-up Workshops & individual Coaching

For the above topics, in depth workshops & individual coaching to individuals or organisations can be offered:

  1. Proposal writing,
  2. Log frame/PCM and Outcome mapping methodology,
  3. Social Impact strategy,
  4. Budgeting,
  5. Finance management during project implementation,
  6. Fundraising Strategy for an NGO/institution