We often talk to businesses that want to expand their visibility online

Online visibility

Very often we find out that their visibility online has less impact in existing customers than what they thought. Implementing digital mapping as well as an exhaustive research strategy allowed us to conclude that their visibility was not optimized. In those cases, we reevaluated their sales channels and executed an efficient approach concentrating to suit the needs and motivations of their customers.

Digital exposure

Digital exposure can fluctuate within minutes, so it is highly important to be constantly optimizing your campaigns and initiatives in order to keep visibly in front of your targeted audience. Let us help you to ensure your content reaches your target audience and makes the biggest impact possible.

Project architecture and workflow timeline


The briefing is, for the agency, the startpoint of a mandate or a project. It defines the size, the budget, the goal to reach and the sales target as the expectations and intentions.


The agency collect all relevant elements from the briefing. Conclusion made from this will build the foundation of the graphic concept.


The project is scheduled into the workflow management. The agency create the calendar, build a work cluster and set the budget. We coordinate the whole project timeline.


The agency develop a concept of ideas made through a creative process and sketches possible solutions. On a selected credible criterias, we choose the more promising for a post process.


The agency create a graphic concept that will build the main guiding line. It defines the formal elements and explain the general rules for use.


From the sketches or the graphic concept, the agency draft proposals and visual solutions.


The agency showcase the project, ideas, graphic concept and sketches. It uses its own documentation and medias.

Detailed conception

The agency specify and finalize the selected drafts according to the media choosen. When needed we hire more specialists in the field of visual communication.


The results from this detailed concept are worked out by graphic designers or specialists to get the technical achievement in the production stage. The agency coordinate this process.


The consulting tasks and the administrative management is constantly operated throughout the project workflow. In this stage of closing, the administrative tasks are specifically concentrated.


The final meeting, debriefing, help to have a feedback over the project and help to adjust and improve the workflow process.