Abbe Agency – Social media management & community management – Irene Cruz

Personalized course

Included with the course

A month of mentoring and problem solving for their real life cases. The service is provided remotely via Skype or email. This practices were decided upon after the experience gained by working with first timers.

Working hours, services, office and materials are included in the budget, as well as transportation and eating expenses.

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Inscription, January 2018

Venue: Madrid, Spain @ Too many flash

Venue: Berlin, Germany. Place to be confirmed.

Participants Max




The course is normally given in Spanish.

On request it can be given in English, in Berlin.

#01. Introduction – Conventional marketing vs Online Marketing

  • characteristics, similarities and differences between them
  • basic concepts
    • how Online Marketing started & where it is going

#02 Take care of your branding

  • be unique and recognizable
  • take care about details
  • analyze your current situation
    • what you can improve
    • what you are already doing well

#03 Auditing your organization

  • know your current target audience
    • learn how to do analyze your company to set a good starting point
    • strength points / weak points

#04 Offline Communication + Online Communication

  • everything should be connected
  • branding

#05 How to build a social media strategy

  • all the paths go to our website
  • advices for a good website
  • SEO / SEM configuration
  • all about Google Analytics
  • define your goals
  • define your priorities
  • define your target audience
  • join groups akin to you
  • know when things are not working well
    and solve them the best and fastest way possible

#06 How to create interesting content (and gain engagement)

  • how to create images
  • how to find images without copyrights
  • how to buy good quality stock images
  • how to create small videos
  • how to create small banners / graphics

Walkthrough the main SN

Learn how all the main social networks work from the beginning
  • instagram
  • twitter
  • facebook
  • facebook boosting
  • facebook ads
  • facebook power editor
  • youtube & vimeo
  • pros and cons of each one
  • tricks
  • alternative apps
  • good and bad practices
  • how to approach your target on every social network

#07 Social media Automation

  • optimize your time
  • learn how to do a content calendar
  • learn how to program every post in every social network, schedule your
  • publications and organize your posts variety
  • learn how to ask for collaborations
  • find influencers

#08 How to organize a global campaign / event using all the social networks at the same time

(using practical real cases)

#09 Daily social networks statistics

  • how to check your results on followers, engagement, visualisations of every
    post in every social network

#10 Problems that you could find

  • bad mood users
  • non accepted ads
  • what to do if you missed the best time for publishing etc.