Abbe Agency – Curso de iniciación a la Astrofotografía

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Basic concepts of astronomy
Basic concepts of astrophotography with different media

The course is given in Spanish.

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Basic concepts about astronomy

#01 Celestial mechanics

The effect of rotation and translation in the sky.

#02 Instrumentation


#03 Theory of astronomical observation

How to locate the objects with naked eyes and with a telescope.

#04 Theoretical-practical

Interpretation of the sky with the naked eye

Use of an equatorial mount and stationing.

Observation with telescopes. Focals, eye, FOV, focus, tracking, finding objects and more.

Basic concepts of astrophotography with different media

#01 Instrumentation

Equipment, instrumentation and necessary conditions.

#02 Night photography

Night photography with DSLR and angular objectives: basic concepts.

#03 Composition in night photography DSLR

Exposure, distances and artificial lighting of elements of the composition.

#04 What to photograph in the sky

Concept of FOV in the sky and how to calculate it.

#05 Theoretical-practical

On night photography with DSLR and telephoto, with tracking.

Accurate stationing for astrophotography: drift method.

Introduction to astrophotography with CCD cameras. Use of filters, exposure times and guidance concept.

#06 Concept of photographic stacking

What it is and why it is used in astrophotography.

Introduction to the stacking and processing of astrophotography with DSS.

#07 Photography practice


Practice. Astrophotography workshop, stacked and processed by teams.

#08 Debriefing

Impressions on everything learned and the benefit that has been obtained.

Suggestions about the course.