Abbe Agency – Photographic Training & Coaching – Irene Cruz, Béatrice Perea

Personalized course

Product – Model – Landscape
Art Direction and Cinematographic showcases

The sessions last from 3 to 6 days depending on the needs of the students and the availability.

It will take place in spaces adapted to produce the most of the proposed project between tutor and student.

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#01 Coaching and Photography Course

Photography and Coaching Workshop. Self-knowledge through photography (Vision, intention, action).
This course is applicable to the practice of the photographer in different areas.

#02 Description

Through the workshop course you can manifest your creative power in a conscious way. You will be creator and creation, the observed and the observer. You will awaken your senses, focus your vision and sharpen your perception.

#03 Objectives

Build an authentic photographic style, as a result of achieving full personal development and greater self-knowledge.
Maximize creativity and talent, leaving the comfort zone.
Improve your ability to understand visual design, as well as improve your ability to talk about images and images.
Awareness that images reflect beliefs, behavior patterns and limiting attitudes.

Focus on an attractive personal, professional or social objective and frame a plan of action and alternatives to achieve it.

#04 Contents

  • Light Hunters
  • Self-knowledge from photography
  • Photographing emotions
  • Conscious photography
  • Unconscious photography
  • Photograph from the inside
  • Portrait
  • Product
  • Fashion
  • Self-conscious self-portrait / Symbolic self-portrait

#05 Job search

Active search for employment or in relation with photography at an international level and adapted to the student's concerns

#06 Details

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